Apple Overhauls Privacy Policy, Makes it Easier to Read

Apple has redesigned its privacy policy page on Monday to make it a bit easier to read for non-lawyers and it’s now separated into distinct, clickable sections. The last update to the privacy policy was nearly a year ago.

Apple Privacy Policy Update

The overhaul of the web page spells out exactly what personal information Apple collects and how that data is used, shared, and collected. The policy itself hasn’t changed much. Apple isn’t doing anything differently, but the redesign is more in line with iOS 14’s privacy information labels for app pages.

Apple privacy policy page screenshot

Apple provides privacy labels for its own apps on the App Store, and if you poke around in settings you’ll often find tappable links about privacy, like “About Ask Siri & Privacy” or “About Safari Search & Privacy”. As far as email is concerned, I suggest using Apple’s email privacy protection feature.

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