Advertising Agency Appoints New iPhone and Apple Services Creative Leads

Apple’s advertising agency has revamped its leadership ranks. TBWA\Media Arts Lab announced Geoff Edwards and Chuck Monn promotions recently.

New iPhone and Services Advertising Leads

Mr. Monn takes the creative lead in promoting the iPhone. Mr. Edwards will lead on the creative advertising ideas behind Apple Services. This encompasses Apple Music and Apple TV+, as well as Apple Pay.

Mr. Monn told AdWeek that he was “humbled to take on this new, elevated role within the agency, and the amazing opportunity to further Apple’s mission.”

Mr. Edwards said:

When you get a call from [Chief Creative Officer] Brent Anderson to work on the best brand in the world, in the house that Lee Clow and Steve Jobs built, the decision is easy.

The Legend of Lee Clow

Mr. Clow found the TBWA advertising agency in 2006 to develop adverts for Apple. He was the man behind iconic Apple adverts such as “1984.” Mr. Clow worked with Apple for 30 years of his 50-year advertising career. He announced his retirement in February 2019.

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