AirPods Already Backordered into January

AirPods showing four week delay after first hour of availability

Well, that didn’t take long. Apple’s AirPods went from a December 21st delivery to a four week delay in about an hour. Apple can say AirPods shipped before the Christmas holiday, but at the expense of loads of angry customers who have to wait until some time in 2017 to see theirs.

AirPods showing four week delay after first hour of availability
If you didn’t order your AirPods already good luck getting them this year

Apple says AirPods will be in stores next week, but considering the company’s track record this year, we’re expecting a scenario similar to the Apple Pencil launch. Stores will occasionally get a handfull that sell out immediately.

On yesterday’s TDO podcast we talked about how customers will be more upset if AirPods started shipping ahead of the Christmas holiday, but in limited qualities, than if they had to wait until next year for orders to start.

As it stands now, if you haven’t already ordered your AirPods and gotten a firm pre-Christmas delivery date, it’s a safe bet they won’t arrive until some time in January 2017. For now, you can check out our list of AirPods alternatives.

There is, however, a little irony in knowing Bryan Chaffin has to update his list of products Apple shipped in 2016 even though most people won’t be able to get AirPods.

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Lee Dronick

I am all for bringing the cash back and if that means a tax break then that is okay by me.


aardman, in a world where less than a full year’s worth of first-year-release revenue of Apple Watch that beats all watch manufacturers worldwide except for Rolex is deemed a failure, nothing surprises me when it comes to talking smack against Apple…


Lee, AAPL is up on news that our president-elect is going to give Apple a nice Christmas present when they meet next week at the summit – A tax holiday on the $200 Billion offshore cash that Apple will bring back to the US in January!!


Ha! Mine are scheduled to arrive Dec 21. Early Christmas present to me!! Couldn’t go to a nicer guy!! 🙂

Lee Dronick

AAPL up on news that AirPods are on backorder. 😎


Well that can’t possibly be true. Every indication I took from the web squawk boxes was that the Airpods were going to languish on the warehouses and store shelves.