AirPods Wireless Charging Case May Ship in December

Apple AirPower wireless charging mat

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X are all getting wireless charging support and the feature is coming to Apple’s AirPods, too, in the form of a new case. Apple didn’t say when the new charging case will ship, but Apple Switzerland seems to have accidentally slipped up and said it’ll be this December.

Apple AirPower wireless charging mat
Apple’s AirPower-compatible AirPods charging case may ship in December

Apple’s new iPhones and Apple Watch Series 3 support the Qi wireless charging standard, so it makes sense to offer it for the AirPods, too. The feature lets you place your devices on a Qi-compatible charging plate to juice up their batteries instead of plugging in cables.

Apple announced the AirPods wireless charging case during a media event earlier this week where the iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3 where also unveiled. The company said its own wireless charging base, called AirPower, will ship sometime next year, but didn’t say when to expect the AirPods wireless charging case.

MacPrime got the supposed release window (english translation) from Apple Switzerland and also discovered the cost will most likely be US$69, which what it costs to replace a current AirPods charging case.

Dave Hamilton speculated on TMO’s Daily Observations podcast the new charging case could coincide with a refresh for the AirPods. Apple hasn’t hinted that will happen, but it’s an idea we’d love to see happen.

One thought on “AirPods Wireless Charging Case May Ship in December

  • I would like to see the lid open more than 90°, I find it difficult for my arthritic fingers to extract the AirPods. Yes, I have sent Apple feedback on this matter.

    Otherwise I am very satisfied with the performance of the AirPods.

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