Apple’s New Accessibility Website Shows iPhone Features

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and to kick it off Apple has created an Accessibility website. It shows how people can use Accessibility features on Apple devices to make their lives easier.

[Apple Proposed a set of Accessibility Emojis to the Unicode Consortium]

Accessibility Website

Apple devices have Accessibility features in multiple categories:

Image of Display Accommodations on iPhone on Apple's Accessibility website.

  • Vision: VoiceOver, Display Accommodations, Magnifier, Dynamic Type, Zoom.
  • Hearing: Live Listen, FaceTime, LED Flash alerts, Type to Siri.
  • Physical and Motor Skills: Switch Control, Voice control with HomePod, AssistiveTouch, Activity and Workout apps on Apple Watch, Accessibility Keyboard.
  • Learning and Literacy: Speak Screen, Typing Feedback, Guided Access, Safari Reader.

The website is a great list of features, and a valuable resource. It’s a lot like Apple’s privacy page, where each feature is described in easy-to-understand language.

[4 Accessibility Apps That Help People With Disabilities]

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