Apple Cancels Richard Gere Drama ‘Bastards’

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Apple has canceled Bastards, a drama series led by Richard Gere and based on the Israeli-based series called Nevelot (via Variety).


Mr. Gere was set to star in Bastards, with Howard Gordon and Warren Leight serving as showrunners and writers. Sources at Apple cite creative differences between Apple, Mr. Gordon, and Mr. Leight.

Gere would have starred as one of two elderly Vietnam vets and best friends who find their monotonous lives upended when a woman they both loved fifty years ago is killed by a car.

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One thought on “Apple Cancels Richard Gere Drama ‘Bastards’

  • Can’t help but think the title wasn’t as family friendly as Apple would have wanted. Problem with giving creative freedom to someone who seems to want to be Hollywood’s Bono, you might get disputes. But somehow, I think someone picked the wrong title. Call it a Cook-hunch.

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