Apple Could Eventually Launch Subscription-Based Apple Intelligence+

Apple Intelligence Features

Apple Intelligence will initially offer a range of features for free; reports suggest Apple is considering a subscription model for future, more advanced capabilities, as we shared this earlier.

The company could eventually launch something like “Apple Intelligence+” — with extra features that users pay monthly fees for, just like iCloud. On top of that, Apple will get a cut of the subscription revenue from every AI partner that it brings onboard.

– Mark Gurman

Think of it like iCloud storage: there’s a free tier, but you can upgrade for more space. Likewise, Apple Intelligence will likely offer a free tier with core functionalities, with the option to subscribe for additional features later.

Not just this, the subscription structure might resemble the existing iCloud+ service., familiar to many Apple users. This could even mean different subscription tiers with varying levels of features and functionalities.

Apple is also looking to expand its AI offerings by partnering with external providers like OpenAI. Earlier, there were rumors of Apple teaming up with Meta and Google, but due to privacy concerns and past indifferences, the former deal couldn’t progress.

These external partnerships could lead to “pro-level” subscriptions within Apple Intelligence.

Apple is likely waiting for wider adoption of compatible devices before introducing paid features, as revealed by Apple Insider. This means you can use the current free tier of Apple Intelligence for a while yet. EU is not getting all Apple Intelligence features announced at WWDC this year.

In essence, the Apple AI seems to be moving towards a tiered system. Free basic features will probably remain, with subscriptions offering advanced functionalities and partnerships with external AI providers.

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