Watch 7 New Apple Films Made with iMac Pro

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Apple just launched a series of artist films made with iMac Pro. The company enlisted prominent CG artists to each make their own film using iMac Pro, including Buck, Erin Sarofsky, Esteban Diácono, ManvsMachine studio, Michelle Dougherty, Luigi Honorat, Esteban Diácono, and Michelle Dougherty.

Buck’s film is my favorite, but they’re all amazing. I hope Apple puts these on TV—it would be great to see the company advertising the Mac again. Each artist also has a behind-the-scenes video on Apple’s YouTube page, or you can view them all on a webpage dedicated to the project on the iMac Pro site.

iMac Pro – Buck Artist Film

iMac Pro – Erin Sarofsky Artist Film

iMac Pro – ManvsMachine Artist Film

iMac Pro — Michelle Dougherty Artist Film

iMac Pro — Luigi Honorat Artist Film

iMac Pro — Esteban Diácono Artist Film

iMac Pro — Michelle Dougherty Artist Film


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  1. palmac

    I hope Apple keeps doing things like this. I remember a while ago a friend of a friend ridiculed Apple ads as being too “artsy.” My friend replied with “Nobody wants to watch someone make a spreadsheet.”

    • palmac

      Now that I think about it, this could be a good challenge to these animated designers: “Do something interesting with spreadsheets.”

  2. John Kheit

    I found them to be insipid examples of CGI. A bit like using every font possible in MacWrite early days. But perhaps that’s the point.

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