Apple Surveys iMac Pro Owners about Pro Macs – If You Get the Survey, Please Respond

Questions from Apple's iMac Pro Survey

Apple has sent out surveys to iMac Pro customers asking their opinions on the device. First tweeted by @afwaller, and picked up by AppleInsider, the survey focuses on professional needs. If you have an opinion on professional Mac needs and get the opportunity to take this survey, please do so.

Tweet with iMac Pro Survey Questions

AppleInsider thinks Apple may be wanting to use the survey to help direct Mac Pro features. The company could release an updated Mac Pro as early as 2019.

It’s just as reasonable, if not more so, that Apple sent out the survey to help guide features for a new iMac Pro. The iMac Pro was announced in June of 2017, and shipped in December of 2017. Few expect another model in the near future, but it seems reasonable that Apple would rev it in 2019. With any luck, it won’t even be an embarrassing summer or fall of 2019, too.

Take That Survey

But whichever Mac iteration this survey is aimed at, make your opinion heard. Use the survey and any open ended questions it may include to tell Apple what you want. For instance, if you think the ability to add RAM or replace your SSD is important, let the company know. If you think professional Macs should be updated on a regular basis, let Apple know.

One thought on “Apple Surveys iMac Pro Owners about Pro Macs – If You Get the Survey, Please Respond

  • I sure hope Apple gets lots of “helpful” feedback with these. As a MacPro 2010 user myself, I cannot wait for Apple to launch the new MacPro! Hopefully they come up with something worthy of the MacPro name.

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