Apple Has 4 New iPhone Commercials: Environment, Apple Support, Ease, Safe

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Apple has four new iPhone commercials. Short, just 15 seconds long, each spot personifies an iPhone selling point, and pits iPhone against “your phone” in a split screen representation. The four spots are titled Environment, Apple Support, Ease, and Safe.

iPhone — Environment

I like this spot the most, though the allegory is a tad removed. I think it makes the point that Apple works harder on its environmental footprint than its peers.

iPhone — Apple Support

The Apple Support piece is simple, and probably easy to understand. It leaves me flat, though.

iPhone — Ease

Ease is my second favorite of the batch, though again, the allegory is quite removed.

iPhone — Safe

I saved this one for last, most likely because I like it the least. The personification is too abstract, and it lacks meaning and effect.

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