Apple Made a Siri Webpage Detailing Everything She Can Do

There is a new Siri webpage where Apple shows all of the things you can do with your personal assistant. There is also a link to the Shortcuts app, but right now it takes you to Workflow since iOS 12 official isn’t out until Monday.

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Siri Webpage

The design looks great, and the webpage is informative. Apple gives examples of what you can do with Siri across categories like Calls and Texts, Everyday Tasks, Music, Home, Knowledge on the Go, More Powerful Tasks, and Shortcuts.

Screenshot of siri webpage with tasks she can do

Siri is also design with privacy. Siri does as much learning about you as possible locally on your device. Searches and requests aren’t associated with your identity. And in the event Siri needs to query Apple’s servers, the connection is end-to-end encrypted.

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5 thoughts on “Apple Made a Siri Webpage Detailing Everything She Can Do

  • I have read the comments above complaining about Siri not working properly and I couldn’t agree more. But you think that Siri doesn’t cut the mustard in English, then you should try it in another language. Not only doesn’t it understand your commands reliably, it also simply cannot do many of the tasks it can (theoretically) do in English. And if you had a bad day and need a laugh, you should try telling the German Siri to play English titles of an English artist in iTunes. The results can be hilariously disappointing.

    Too bad, because in my opinion, a voice-based UI for the operating system has the potential to be the ultimate productivity too. Just imagine a completely clear screen without any candy store icons and obtrusively red notification icons distracting you from the things you want to do. Wouldn’t that be great?

  • Like many, gave up on Siri long ago. Okay to check in and see how far along it hasn’t gotten.

    Anyway, I was unaware there was Siri for Safari until the other day. I was doing some search and Siri suggested something from the Japanese iTunes Store. Like, WHAT? Are you serious? I I think I was searching for oat bran or something like that.

    I tried it again, and yes, Siri in the search/URL bar was pointing me to the Japanese iTunes Store. Crazy stuff.

    It is so sad that in 2018 I can’t talk to my computer to do something or do a search. What happened to Apple voice recognition from the 1990s?

    1. As much as I argue with Siri I do use it quite a lot and it seems to get better with more use. I do wish that Apple had a comprehensive, and frequently updated, webpage with the commands that we can use.

  • Siri – “I am sorry, but I didn’t understand that. You can say things like…”

    Me – “Well Siri I said something like that, why don’t you tell me exactly what I should say”

    Siri – “Who me?”

    1. So sad. I asked Siri “where is Brea, California.” Siri said, “I’m calling _____.” A name completely and nowhere even any way shape or form close to a city I asked about. But, yeah, that sarcasm is uncalled for. That’s really rubbing it in, isn’t it?

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