Apple May Release Seven New Macs in 2022

Seven New Macs

It is not at all unusual for Apple to release several new Mac computers each year. However, 2022 may prove to be the year when almost every model of the Mac computer gets refreshed. According to some reports, we can expect to see seven new Macs in 2022.

Building on the Chip Advances of 2021

In the fall of 2021, Apple unveiled the M1 Pro and M1 Max systems-on-a-chip (SoCs). These succeeded the M1 SoC, Apple’s initial phase in transitioning away from Intel processors in its personal computers. Introduced in the MacBook Pro, the M1 Pro and M1 Max will surely find their ways into new Mac computers in 2022.

In addition to increased usage of the M1 Pro and M1 Max, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman writes that he expects a new M2 chip and a super-powered version of the M1 Max to debut in 2022. The question is, which new Mac computers will get the best treatment, and when can we anticipate Apple’s announcements of the seven new Macs.

The Proposed Roadmap of Seven New Macs for 2022

Across the remaining months of 2022, Gurman expects Apple to reveal at least seven new Macs. That’s right, there could be even more in store for us. What sources are fairly confident will come to market, though, include the following:

  • A new Mac mini with the M1 Pro SoC.
  • A 13-inch MacBook Pro with an M2 chip, replacing the 2020 model and priced just below Apple’s 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.
  • Another new Mac mini, this time with an M2 chip
  • A 24-inch iMac, again with the M2 chip.
  • The rumored redesigned MacBook Air, featuring the M2 SoC.
  • A larger iMac Pro, offering the M 1 Pro and M1 Max chip options
  • A new Mac Pro with the equivalent of either two or four M1 Max chips

The first new Macs should be announced in March, at Apple’s first major event of the year. Since the entry-level MacBook Pro and Mac mini are two of the oldest Apple Silicon models in production, these will probably be refreshed in March.

MacBook Air to be redesigned
A redesigned MacBook Air, featuring the M2 SoC, could be just weeks away from announcement.

Next up would be announcements during WWDC, likely in June. Apple will likely want to get its most powerful new models in developers’ hands, so expect the M2-based iMac Pro and the new Mac Pro during that event.

Rounding out 2022 in Apple’s fall events, we could see the remaining new computers unveiled. This means the M2-based 24-inch iMac, a redesigned MacBook Air, and the M2-powered Mac mini.

Farther-Reaching Predictions for 2023

Gurman wraps up his current round of predictions by looking into 2023. Based on the Apple Silicon release schedule we’ve experienced so far, the author expects “Pro and Max versions of the M2” to launch in 2023, alongside the first M3 chip.

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