Don’t clear your schedule for this year’s Apple Music Festival in London because it isn’t happening. Apple has cancelled the event after a 10 year run.

Apple Music Festival series cancelled

Apple closes the doors on London’s Apple Music Festival

Apple told Music Business World the multi-night concert series is over. The company didn’t, however, say why Apple Music Festival has come to an end.

Apple Music Festival started in 2007 as iTunes Festival. The event hosts different musical acts night after night for audiences who win their tickets in drawings.

Last year’s event featured Elton John, Alicia Keys, Michael Bublé, and more. The previous year’s event included performances from Pharrell Williams, Florence + The Machine, and One Direction.

The iPhone and Mac maker has been sponsoring more one-off concerts, which may be the focus going forward. Apple may be looking for a wider range of events in more areas to promote its presence in the music industry.

Regardless of Apple’s reasoning for closing the door on Apple Music Festival, that’s one less major event for the company to coordinate in September.

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Like they haven’t got enough people to organise an event. Pity.