Genius Lyrics Have Arrived in Apple Music

Genius lyrics are now available in Apple Music. Genius is a music encyclopedia and lyrics database, and has recently partnered with Apple Music. Furthermore, Apple Music is now the official music player for Genius, as a web-based player (via The Verge).

Genius Lyrics

Genius lyrics can be found on the Apple Music web player on the Genius website, as well as the Apple Music app. 

Apple Music users can read Genius lyrics and annotations while they listen to a song.

2 thoughts on “Genius Lyrics Have Arrived in Apple Music

  • Hi Lee – good to “see” you. 🙂

    I don’t know the answer to your q, but this is a brilliant move on Apple’s part. I’d say “genius” but some would think I’m just trying to make a bad pun. But having not heard of Genius (the site) before, I just checked it out and its really awesome (assuming you are a music lover). This is a really significant win-win for both Genius and Apple, and will really help Apple differentiate Apple Music from other competing services like Spotify. It adds a lot of value, as what music fan isn’t curious to want to know the lyrics in a favorite song sometimes? Presumably software will be written to allow some simple swipe gesture to bring up the lyrics in real time while the song is playing on your iPhone/iPad…instant gratification. Unique to Apple Music!

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