Apple Net Neutrality Comments to FCC: Don’t Allow Fast Lanes

Apple broke its silence for the first time regarding net neutrality on Thursday. The company told the FCC to keep rules in place and not allow online fast lanes. The current rules prevent carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Charter, and Comcast from blocking or slowing web traffic, but FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is hellbent on changing that.

Apple’s net neutrality stance is general in nature, and doesn’t specifically mention issues like whether to treat telecoms like utilities (via Recode). That’s one of the key provisions the FCC currently uses to enforce net neutrality.

Apple’s Statement on Net Neutrality

As the FCC’s deadline ends for public comments on net neutrality, Apple made its first public statement about the issue:

Today, macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS connect our users with ideas and information from around the world, and services like Apple Music, iTunes, iCloud, and our App Stores make it easy for them to find online music, TV, movies, and apps they love. Those connections and services depend on fair and open access to broadband services.

Broadband providers should not block, throttle, or otherwise discriminate against lawful websites and services…Lifting the current ban on paid prioritization arrangements could allow broadband providers to favor the transmission of one provider’s content or services over other online content.

The company also believes broadband providers should be transparent about network performance and traffic management so consumers know they are getting the service they paid for.

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