Apple Quickly Moves Developer Seeds of .1 Updates for macOS High Sierra, iOS 11, tvOS 11, watchOS 4, Xcode

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Apple on Wednesday seeded developers with .1 updates of macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 beta (17B25c), watchOS 4.1 beta (15R5823c), iOS 11.1 beta (15B5066f), tvOS 11.1 beta (15J5559d), and Xcode 9.1 beta (9B37). All of the releases come just a few days after the release of the .0 releases of those operating systems.

macOS High Sierra beta

Developers can provision devices for these releases at the Apple Developer Connection. Once provisioned, updates will appear in Software Update on those devices.

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  1. AdriftMac

    I hope this helps, especially with tvOS 11. I’ve been so angry that got out since it is so broken. I finally had enough today and went to get a USB-C to USB-A cable and thankfully found a 10,2,2, ipsw online and was able to restore both of my Apple TV 4’s to it. I called apple support and they were no help. Tried to post on the support pages at apple today about it and the page kept saying I couldn’t post about my problem. Incredibly frustrating.

    The problems I had with tvOS 11 and my Apple TV 4’s made them unusable and I use them all day since I don’t use cable tv. Makes me never want to get the new 4K Apple TV since it doesn’t even have that service port. Its so nice to be back to 10.2.2. I don’t think anything was wrong with it. The new one is such a mess. I had to restart the Apple TV after I wanted to watch any other show in my library since it would just go to a blank screen or a spinning icon that would never end.

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