Apple Releases macOS 10.12.5 with USB Headphone Bug Fix, More RAW Formats

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macOS Sierra LogoApple released macOS 10.12.5 Monday. This update includes a fix for a USB headphone bug and other bug fixes, support for more RAW formats, and as-yet-unspecified security patches.

Patch Notes for macOS 10.12.5

  • Fixes an issue where audio may stutter when played through USB headphones.
  • Enhances compatibility of the Mac App Store with future software updates.
  • Adds support for media-free installation of Windows 10 Creators Update using Boot Camp.
  • Adds support for more digital camera RAW formats.
  • Resolves an issue, affecting some enterprise and education customers, that may cause the system date to be set to the year 2040.
  • Prevents a potential kernel panic when starting up from a NetInstall image. This fix is available when starting up from a NetInstall image created from the macOS 10.12.5 installer.

As of this writing, Apple has not yet published its list of security fixes for macOS 10.12.5.

The update is free through the Mac App Store. Please drop your update experience in the comments below.

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  1. wab95


    A few hours ago, the App Store showed no update, then a couple of hours ago it showed up. The update went quickly without hiccups.

    My MBP is running smoothly.

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