Apple Watch watchOS 3.2.2 Released with Bug Fixes and Security Patches

watchOS 3.2.2 Patch Notes

Apple released watchOS 3.2.2 Monday. Apple’s patch notes for the release are scant, noting only that it “includes improvements and bug fixes.”

watchOS 3.2.2 Patch Notes
watchOS 3.2.2 Patch Notes

Apple releases a separate KnowledgeBase article with security flaws patched in each release, and that document tends to lag behind the software release by a few hours. We’ll follow up with another article on those security patches once Apple’s notes goes live.

No other changes are specified in the update, and no feature changes were mentioned during the beta testing process. You can download the update through the Watch app on your iPhone.

It was a 41.7MB download on iPhone 7 for Apple Watch Series 2.

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