Apple Hired Former Facebook Privacy Employee Sandy Parakilas

Apple has hired former Facebook privacy employee Sandy Parakilas. He criticized Facebook’s lack of privacy commitment, and testified before the U.K. Parliament (via Fast Company).sandy parakilas

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Sandy Parakilas

Mr. Parakilas worked at Facebook for 18 months before leaving in 2012. His job was to monitor Facebook developers and their compliance to the privacy policy.

During his time there he warned senior Facebook executives that the company’s data-sharing policies could have potentially damaging consequences. However, Parakilas felt his concerns were being downplayed and eventually left the company for a job at Uber before moving on to a position at the Center for Humane Technology–a campaign group that advocates for stricter regulations on tech companies.

Apple has committed itself to privacy for some time now, and Mr. Parakilas’s job at Apple will be to make sure new products minimize data collection.

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