Apple’s stock is hovering over US$203 Thursday morning, which means the company is getting closer to hitting a $1 trillion market cap. The stock needs to climb to $207.05 to make Apple the first company to hit the trillion dollar milestone.

Apple with bags of money

Bloomberg did the math and came up with the $207.05 figure. That’s based on the company’s quarterly 10Q filing showing 4,829,926,000 shares.

Apple’s stock has been climbing since its 2018 third fiscal quarter earnings report on July 31st.The iPhone and Mac make reported revenue at $53.3 billion for the quarter, up 17% year over year with 41.3 million iPhones, 11.5 million iPads, and 3.7 million Macs sold. The company’s wearables revenue was up 60% year over year, too.

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[Apple’s Stock Finally Tops $200]

The company’s stock topped $200 in trading on Wednesday and closed at $201.50. It’s been steadily climbing today and is currently sitting at $204.36, up $2.86 (+1.42%). Apple’s market cap right now is $998.835 billion.

Assuming Apple’s stock keeps climbing at this rate, the company’s market cap is only days away from topping $1 trillion.

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Lee Dronick

$205.65 as I make this comment. Keep climbing AAPL!


Hi Lee. It’s been a long time!! Yes, Keep climbing AAPL!! Good thing we didn’t sell all those years ago when our dear friend Bosco told us to sell at $250 a share (pre-split) as Apple would be faltering and never rising again!! Hee Hee.

Lee Dronick

Oh yeah, I am glad that I didn’t sell. Do you think we will soon see another stock split?


My personal thoughts are, probably not for a while. With the stock buy-backs, I can see them holding off on the split unless share price continues to skyrocket. But, I suspect that even with good news quarterly, until Apple releases something truly new and exciting, stock price may stop increasing. I do still hold out hope that they have secretly been working the Apple Car in very top secret fashion, which would be a complete game changer from a stock perspective. They certainly have been investing a TON in R&D which seems to indicate more than just consumer electronics in… Read more »

Lee Dronick

I am 50 now and have no plans to sell my AAPL

I am coming up on 68, and have no plans to sell unless I really need the money and yes the dividends are nice.


Looking good for 68, Lee!! Like the pic!! I really don’t see the downside of holding it – of course, economy could tank and we see a hit to stock, but I’m not one to try to time the market – I would let what I own stay there, and if AAPL drops it is just more of a buying opportunity!! Most of my AAPL is in my IRA, so I am in no hurry to use it!! I’ve got 18 more years of work anyway!! Oldest daughter now a Sophomore at Purdue University, second daughter starting her senior year,… Read more »