Apple Didn’t Just Hit $1 Trillion Market Cap Despite what the Stocks App Says

Apple Stocks app with $1 trillion AAPL market cap

Apple’s own Stocks app says the company market cap is already over US$1 trillion. It’s close, but not quite there yet. The app is wrong because Yahoo Finance hasn’t updated its AAPL share count yet.

Apple Stocks app with $1 trillion AAPL market cap
Apple Stocks app incorrectly showing an AAPL $1T market cap

At our last check, Apple’s stock was trading just over $206. That’s close to the $207.05 it needs to hit to reach a $1 trillion market cap based on the company’s total share count in its latest 10Q filing.

At the rate Apple’s stock is climbing today, it’s possible my earlier prediction of seeing a trillion dollar market cap in only days needs to be revised to hours.

So far, no company has reached a $1 trillion market cap. A recent institutional investor survey pegged Amazon as the first company to hit that milestone. It’s looking like they should’ve gone with Apple instead.

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John Kheit

It did now. It hit 207.05 at least briefly today.