Apple TV+ Series ‘Severance’ Has Its Own Disturbing LinkedIn Page

Severance Featured

Apple TV’s sci-fi thriller Severance brings viewers to the world of Lumon Industries, a company that allows employees to sever their personal memories from their work memories. To anyone who has worked a corporate job, the premise may feel a bit too real. The marketing team behind the show have taken the uncanniness a bit further, creating a LinkedIn page for the fictional company.

Severance is a show directed by Ben Stiller and Aoife McArdle. Starring Adam Scott, the show takes a look at what happens when your work life and your personal life become completely separate. It also explores what happens when these worlds once again meet.

Severance Easter Eggs Galore

While the LinkedIn page does immediately inform you that it is for the television show Severance, the rest of the page absolutely nails the tone of a try-hard company. It features a hilarious about me section. The people behind the profile go out of their way to provide tongue-in-cheek updates.

Posts on the social media also reveal Easter eggs for the show. Without giving away any potential spoilers, some of the hidden treasures reveal character’s full names.

Additionally, the company’s LinkedIn profile posts a series of videos titled “Tour Lumon with Dylan G.” This series of videos gives viewers an intimate tour of the Severed floor. Dylan awkwardly takes viewers through areas of Lumon’s headquarters, including the kitchenette and bathroom. Just like in the show, certain elements are omitted. Certain things Dylan says are bleeped, and Lumon logos cover key areas of the office.

There is also another large Easter egg present on the site. In Lumon’s latest post, they share a book published by Apple Books titled Severance: The Lexington Letter. Lumon declares that the book is nothing but deceit. However, if Lumon states something is false, one may want to reconsider.

Episode seven is available for streaming on Apple TV+ March 25th.

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