Apple Wants You To Explode with Holiday Excitement in New AirPods Pro ‘Share the Joy’ Promo


Apple really wants users to get excited about the holidays, as the company has released a new commercial promoting its AirPods Pro.

Within the new “Share the Joy” promotional video, Apple’s latest holiday ad features dancing, parkour and an avalanche of special effects to help promote the upcoming holiday season.

Apple Unveils New “Share the Joy” Holiday Video

Apple has shared a new “Share the Joy” holiday video on its YouTube channel. The 1:38 long spot features two individuals enjoying the Audio Sharing feature originating in iOS 13. Enjoying the song “Puff” by Bhavi & Bizarrap, the two dance and parkour their way through a diner into the city streets, causing a fantastic snow-filled spectacle all the while.

Notably. The new commercial sees direction by Juan Cabrel, as well as choreography by Damien Jalet. This is also Jalet’s first commercial work. The video was filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Additionally, the video features a great song selection from Apple.

Apple is no stranger to celebrating the holidays with promotional videos. Back in November of last year, Apple shared the Saving Simon video, which was shot on an iPhone 13 Pro. The video features Oscar Nominee Jason Reitman alongside his father, Ivan Reitman. The short video focuses on a young girl doing her best to keep her snowman alive throughout the year.

Along with a new video celebrating the holidays (and the AirPods Pro), Apple is also offering a new promotion starting next week. Between Nov. 25 to Nov. 28, customers can receive up to a $250 Apple Gift Card on select Apple products when shopping online or in-store.

When it comes to AirPods, purchasing either the AirPods Pro (second-gen), AirPods (second-gen), AirPods (third-gen) or AirPods Max will net customers a $75 Apple Gift Card. While you can’t use the Gift Card on your initial purchase, it will be good for any future purchases, which can be great for those doing a bit of early holiday shopping.

Of course, with shopping for the holidays just around the corner, we’ll do our best to keep you posted on even more specials and deals.

Have you completed your holiday shopping yet? Let us know in the comments.


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