Apple Watch Earth Day Challenge Kicks Off on April 22, Stickers Await Fitness Enthusiasts

apple watch earth day challenge

Apple Watch’s next activity challenge has been set to celebrate Earth Day. For this challenge, Apple Watch owners need to complete 30 minutes of workout to get stickers that can be used on iMessage, FaceTime, and other social media.

Apple Watch Earth Day Activity Challenge Through Supported Apps

The next Apple Watch challenge is set to take place on April 22. For those who are unfamiliar, Apple regularly holds this event to promote the use of the Apple Watch for fitness purposes. It is also Apple’s way of guiding users to maximize the use of the Watch as a fitness tracking device.

Users can complete the workout using any app that can log data and share it to Apple’s fitness app. Some of these apps include Strava, MySwim Pro, Nike, Runkeeper, and many others. Users need to connect these apps to the Health app for the workout data to be recorded. Users can also complete the challenge by doing guided workouts on Apple Fitness+. However, Apple Fitness+  can only be accessed after paying a substantial fee. So, it might not be worth paying the subscription just to follow the guided workouts to complete the earth day challenge. Practically any activity that can be logged using the Apple Watch supported fitness apps would suffice.

Apple Watch Earth Day Challenge Badge and Stickers

Apple Watch owners can also see their standings via the activity leaderboard. This way, users can see how they compare with other Watch owners who dared to take up the activity challenge.

Once the challenge is complete, users unlock cool stickers that can be used on FaceTime, iMessage, and more. It’s also one way of bragging about how physically fit they are. The Earth Day badge will also appear on their iPhone and Apple Watch once they complete the challenge.

Apple previously held activity challenges to coincide with popular events of celebrations including International Women’s Day, Lunar New Year, Unity, and many others.

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