Apple Watch Faces Price Hike From US Tariffs

Apple Watch import tariff

Your next Apple Watch could cost more thanks to tariffs the Trump administration is imposing on products imported from China. Apple Watch is in a product group along with devices from Sonos and Fitbit that’s facing a 10% import tariff.

Apple Watch import tariff
US tariffs in China trade war could hit Apple Watch

Apple Watch is just one of the products that could be impacted by the tariffs this fall. The list also includes the Fitbit Charge, Charge HR, and Surge, along with the Play:3 and SUB from Sonos, according to Reuters.

It’s also possible only the original Apple Watch will be on the list and current models won’t be subject to the 10% tariff. If other models are included, however, there’s a chance the cost will get passed on to consumers.

The tariffs are in public review now, which gives companies the opportunity to push to get their products reclassified or dropped from the list.

Apple hasn’t commented on the possible Apple Watch tariff. Sonos says if the proposed tariffs stand the affected products could see a price hike in the United States.

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