Apple’s New Switcher Campaign — for iPhone

Still from Apple's Jump Commercial

Apple launched a new advertising campaign called Switch to iPhone at The campaign trades the white of the company’s original I’m a PC campaign for dark pastels and simple, compelling imagery. The message is that it’s simple to switch to iPhone, which is faster, that your music will sound better, and that moving your photos is easy.

To kick off the campaign, Apple posted four videos to YouTube, embedded below.

Switch to iPhone

The main Switch to iPhone website has lots of information to bolster the switching message. It talks about Apple’s commitment to privacy, why Messages is “so great,” the fact that it’s easy, fast, and the qualities of the camera.

Jump to iPhone

The first spot is called Jump to iPhone, featuring a literal embodiment of that idea that it’s easy to jump from your old phone to an iPhone.


The second piece argues that iPhones are faster.


Apple’s Music spot has a slightly more abstract message that your music sounds better on an iPhone.


The fourth spot addresses one of the biggest sources of angst for anyone switching from one smartphone platform to another (and to a lesser extent, to a new smartphone): moving all those pics you’ve taken. The message of this commercial is that doing so is easy, and that Photos does all the work for you.

More Switch to iPhone Commercials Likely Coming

There are four spots in the series, but there are likely more coming. This has the hallmark of an extended campaign.

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