Mission Impossible-style Heist Scores Burglars $100K In Apple Gear

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Let’s say you want to steal US$100,000 worth of Apple products. What do you do? Rappel down from the ceiling in your local Best Buy, of course. That’s exactly what burglars did in Dunwoody, Georgia.

Georgia Best Buy burglars make off with $100,000 in Apple products

Burglars rappel into Best Buy to steal Macs, iPhones, and iPads

Police said the suspects rappelled through a hole in the ceiling “Mission Impossible” style, then burrowed into a storage room where they made off with iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Local TV station WSB-TV 2 says police are on the hunt for any outside video surveillance footage to help identify the suspects because there wasn’t any video inside the store.

It’s possible Apple could help track the stolen merchandise if the devices are ever turned on. The same Find My iPhone technology that helps you locate your phone between the couch cushions can also help Apple pin point where the stolen devices end up.

Customers, at least, were impressed when they heard about the heist. One customer told WSB-TV, “Oh my God they are getting that good?”

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I wonder how many Windows machines they took?

Did they take ANYTHING else even ??