Change Your Signal Number in Company’s Latest Update

Change Your Signal Number

It’s now possible to change your Signal number, thanks to an update the company recently released.

Change Your Signal Number

Signal is an iMessage alternative that gives you end-to-end encryption for your messages, phone calls, and video calls. With this update, you can use the company’s end-to-end encrypted transfer to move your contacts and chat history to a new device, or keep it on the same device if you’re just doing a refresh. Signal warns that you should perform the transfer before selling/wiping your device. Signal messages are excluded from built-in operating system and cloud backups.

Per the announcement:

It’s the start of a new year for the Signal team, and for everybody that relies on Signal for communication. We built Change Number using the foundation of more exciting features to come. If your mobile phone is running the latest version of Signal for Android or iOS (and all your linked iPads and desktops are updated too), you’ll find the option to change your number under account settings. Thank you to the community of beta testers for early feedback and testing these changes.

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