Google Chrome for iOS Now Has a Native Package Tracking Feature

How To Add a Google Chrome Web App to Your iPhone Home Screen

There’s a new way to keep track of your online orders on your iPhone, which might or might not be useful. Now rolling out in the latest version of Google Chrome on iOS is a package tracking feature, built right into the new tab page.

The new feature started rolling out around March and is now hitting more iPhones with the latest Google Chrome for iOS update. You should see it automatically, but it’s available under Settings and Google Services. From there, there will be three options for auto-tracking all packages detected from your email and Google account and sites you visit, tracking with an ask prompt, or never auto-detecting packages.

As useful as this feature might be, some people have found it more annoying than anything. The Verge‘s Tom Warren reports that he’s seeing packages that aren’t even his. Others report that they see packages that don’t have the correct tracking numbers. Google’s support forums are full of people complaining about these issues, so it doesn’t appear to be isolated at the moment.

Others seem to offer advice for Google on how to improve it, like the option to manually add tracking details, or scan a barcode. It’s always nice to see Google bring new features to Chrome on iPhone, though, and we hope that with feedback, this can be improved. The good news is that if you’re not finding this useful, there are other ways to track packages. You can use the Shop app or, something like Deliveries which has its widget and respected Apple Watch apps.

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