Tests Confirm Core i9 MacBook Pro Software Update Fixes Throttling Issue

Core i9 MacBook Pro with ice

Apple addressed Core i9 MacBook Pro throttling issues head on with a software update on Tuesday. Early tests are in, and it looks like Apple really did fix the issue.

Core i9 MacBook Pro with ice
Apple fixes Core i9 MacBook Pro thermal throttling issue

Dave Lee kicked off the controversy last week with a video showing how his Core i9 Touch Bar MacBook Pro slowed down dramatically when the processor heated up. He drove the point home by putting his laptop in a freezer to get the chip’s performance back up to normal speed, prompting TMO’s John Martellaro to call the event “freezergate.”

Now Lee has a followup video out where he says his tests show Apple’s software update really does fix the throttling issue. He’s getting the performance he expects from the laptop, but does note that bigger and clunkier gaming PC laptops with more agressive thermal solutions are getting better speeds.

Core i9 PC laptops that more closely match the MacBook Pro offer slightly better performance, but Lee says Apple’s computer is still better because it’s fast and really quiet.

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If you have Apple’s brand new Touch Bar MacBook Pro with the Core i9 processor be sure to install the update to improve your laptop’s performance. You can find the update by going to Apple menu > App Store > Updates.

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  • So you mean it wasn’t a catastrophic engineering screw up? I mean that’s what Dave Lee and all of his followers on the web were saying.when he plublished his flawed test and uneducated opinion.

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