Direct Developer App Store Feedback Is Coming To iOS 10.3

App Review Request in iOS 10.3 Beta

Apple is bringing a more direct form of developer feedback to the iOS and Mac App Stores. Starting in iOS 10.3, which is currently in beta, developers will be able to respond to reviews in the App Store.

Developer Feedback In iOS 10.3

Developer feedback will be displayed publicly, just like reviews. Apple customers will be able to report developers who “abuse this system,” according to   9to5Mac. Right now, the only way that users can get feedback is to either provide their email address in the review, or use the developer’s support email address (if they provide one).

Displaying a popup is the current way that developers ask people to rate and review the app. But in iOS 10.3, Apple will add a system-level API that lets apps request a review. iOS will then automatically decide if it’s appropriate or not. On Twitter, iOS developer Calvin Chestnut gave a screenshot of the new review tool:

New Feedback Popup
New Feedback Popup

This differs from the current method where developers have free reign over their app policies. Hopefully this will stop apps from displaying a review popup within 10 minutes of installing it.

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