Drake Crushes Apple Music Record with 89.9 Million Streams, Beating Spotify

Drake's More Life cover

Drake set a new record for first-day streams with his new album, More Life. The Verge reported the album was streamed 89.9 million times on the first day. That was not only a record-setting debut, it crushed Spotify’s first-day totals for the album of 61.3 million streams. That’s significant, because that was itself a record for the larger streaming service.

Drake's More Life cover
The cover of Drake’s More Life

Drake’s previous album—Views, released in May of 2016—was the record holder. Among other things, it was the first album to get a billion streams.

Apple Music vs. Spotify

Apple Music has lagged behind Spotify for users from the get go. The latter has some 50 million paying subscribers, compared to somewhere north of 20 million for Apple. Spotify also has legions of non-paying users of its service.

That makes Apple Music’s performance quite the accomplishment for Apple, and it was likely helped by Drake’s debut of the album on OVO Sound Radio on Beats 1. The Verge reported that Apple said it was also a record day for any Beats 1 show.

Apple has been pursuing a strategy of cosy relations with top acts, including promotions with various Beats 1 shows. That hasn’t allowed the company to catch up to the older Spotify, but it’s clear Apple’s audience is engaged.

Monday’s news will also eventually be seen as another milestone in the streamification of the music industry.

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