Elon Musk ‘Might Move’ to Mars

Elon Musk on Axios on HBO

Elon Musk said recently that there is a 70% chance he will go to Mars. In an interview with Axios on HBO, the Tesla and SpaceX boss even said he might move there.

Elon Musk on Axios on HBO
Elon Musk speaks to Axios on HBO

Musk Mission to Mars

When asked how likely it was that he would personally make it to Mars, Mr. Musk replied: “70%. We’ve recently made a number of breakthroughs that I’m just really fired up about.” He added that he is “talking about moving there.”

Mr. Musk conceded that the environment on Mars is very harsh and the chance of death during the mission high. He noted that “your probability of dying on Mars is much higher than Earth.” He compared his desire to undertake something so dangerous with that of people who climb mountains like Everest. He also admitted that his team “was not sure” whether anyone who made it to Mars safely would be able to return to Earth at a later point.

Merging Man and AI

Elsewhere in the interview, Mr. Musk discussed merging AI and humans. He said he is working to build an “electron to neuron interface at a micro level.” He said the long-term aim of such a project was to “achieve a symbiosis with artiifical intelligence.” He said it was “most likely” that in order to “beat” machines humans would have to merge with them.

The interview with Mr. Musk follows a recent interview by Axios on HBO with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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