Europe Chief Tells Apple Not to Use Privacy to Limit Competition

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Margrethe Vestager, the European Commission’s executive Vice President for technology, says that Apple shouldn’t use privacy and security to limit competitors on its platforms (via Reuters).

Apple Platform Privacy

In 2020 Ms. Vestager introduced rules that would force Apple to allow sideloading, or letting users install apps outside of the App Store. Apple CEO Tim Cook said this would erode iPhone security and privacy. Ms. Vestager said that sideloading wouldn’t affect customer privacy or security.

The important thing here is, of course, that it’s not a shield against competition, because I think customers will not give up neither security nor privacy if they use another app store or if they sideload.

As I have said, I think actually several times, that it is a good thing when providers give us the service that we can easily set our preferences if we want to be tracked outside the use of an app or not as long as it’s the same condition for everyone. So far, we have no reason to believe that this is not the case for Apple.

4 thoughts on “Europe Chief Tells Apple Not to Use Privacy to Limit Competition

  • Also, yea, side loading will ABSOLUTELY increase security problems. Android is actual proof. Not that a bureaucratic toad like this gives a darn about actual facts or reality. Bozo.

  • Commie Europe knows how much privacy you’re entitled to and is good for you. COMPLY. You’re just a cog in the machine. The state knows best. Welcome to 1984.

    Hey Europe, eat it.

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