Facebook Got its Apple Enterprise Certificates Back After Rule Violation

Facebook and the Web of Trust

Facebook had its Apple enterprise certificates restored Thursday. They had been revoked the day before after revelations concerning the Facebook Research App, which collected data from users as young as 13.

Facebook and the Web of Trust
(Image Credit: geralt)

Facebook Restoring Internal Apps

Having its enterprise certificates revoked meant that a number of internal Facebook apps stopped working on iOS. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the situation had been resolved in a statement to the New York Times’ Mike Isaac:


Apple’s Tough Approach

Apple has taken a tough approach to rule violations in recent days. Google faced a similar situation. Staff were unable to access a number of internal apps after Apple revoked its enterprise certificates. The move followed press reports about the Screenwise Meter app. That app also monitored users traffic and data. Apple and Google say they are working to resolve the situation. However, at the time of this writing, Google had not had its enterprise certificates restored.

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