Flickr Plans to Cancel the 1TB Storage for Free Tier

Flickr is a huge platform for photographers and was recently acquired by SmugMug. It will be making changes to the platform, like ending the 1TB storage for the free tier, as well as adding Flickr Pro.

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Flickr Free

Regardless of video or photo file size, free accounts will be limited to 1,000 items. Free users with more than 1,000 items will have until Tuesday, January 8, 2019 to either upgrade to Pro or remove extra content. Flickr CEO Don MacAskill explained the changes:

From the start, Flickr has been an act of co-creation, and without you, our community, we’d be just an empty picture frame – no more than a template and a web address. We need the community’s help to make Flickr a sustainable, thriving community again. We are committed to building the future we all want for Flickr – one where the site can keep evolving in all the areas that have made it the incredible, diverse, and beautiful place it has always been. We’re excited to define the future of photography together.

Flickr Pro

Meanwhile, Flickr Pro users will be the ones to enjoy unlimited storage for photos and videos, as well as other perks:

  • Ad-free browsing, letting both photographers and their visitors focus on what matters.
  • Advanced stats on what photos are trending and which have performed best over the life of a user’s Flickr Pro account. The Flickr mobile app will now give Pros all the stats they know and love in-app.
  • Premier product support, Flickr Pros now receive priority assistance from our new world-class support team.
  • New 5K photo size optimizing images for any screen from smartphone to jumbotron.
  • Increased video playback, increasing the time video playback from three minutes to ten minutes (coming early 2019).
  • More partner discounts including Adobe Creative Cloud, custom portfolio sites on SmugMug, gear from Peak Design and many more.

Flickr Pro will be available for US$49.99/year. Flickr users that upgrade to Pro before November 30 will get a 30% discount off the first year.

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