Apple Celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day With Photographer Rachael Short

Apple celebrates Global Accessibility Day by sharing the story of Rachael Short, a fine art photographer who shoots exclusively with an iPhone.

Rachael Short

Nine years ago Ms. Short suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident. A C5 fracture in her spine left her quadriplegic. It took her 60 days just to touch her nose with her hand, and a year before she could pick something up and hold it. While she was in the hospital her best friend gave her an iPhone 4.

Rachael short

It took about a year for me to have enough arm strength to start holding an iPhone. It was the first camera that I started using [after the accident], and now it’s the only camera that I’ve been using because it’s nice and light, small and easy to use.

A black and white photographer, Ms. Short prefers using an iPhone because it helps her focus more on the image instead of the equipment and technical process.

It used to be that I had my 4×5 camera, and I had my medium format camera and 35 mm and it got complicated.

Shooting with an iPhone XS, she first uses Hipstamatic to capture the image. Then, she edits in Snapseed, converts it to black and white, prints a digital negative and creates a platinum print as an archival image.

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