Google Rivals Apple Pay by Bringing Package Tracking Features to Gmail


Google is offering a new feature that allows users to track packages directly within Gmail, and it’s arriving right before the holidays.

According to the company, any order with a tracking number will be available for tracing through Gmail. Google states the new feature will arrive “in the coming weeks”.

Google Announces Package Tracking Arriving to Gmail

Google has announced that package tracking is arriving to Gmail “in the coming weeks”. The new package tracking feature allows users to view delivery information directly at the top of their inbox.

According to a press release from Google,

In the coming weeks, Gmail will show a simple, helpful view of your package tracking and delivery information right in your inbox. For orders with tracking numbers, Gmail will prominently display your current delivery status in your inbox list view and in a summary card at the top of individual emails. Package tracking will be available across most major U.S. shipping carriers and will provide important details at a glance, such as estimated arrival date and status — like “Label created,” “Arriving tomorrow” or “Delivered today.”

Additionally, Google stated that users will be able to opt-in to package tracking directly from their inbox. Users can also enable the feature through Gmail settings. Once users have enabled the new feature, it will automatically search for order statuses via tracking numbers, and bring them to the top of a user’s inbox. Furthermore, users will also be able to opt-out of the feature. The new feature will also notify users of package delays.

Gmail will search your inbox for tracking orders and bring them to the top of your inbox. (Photo Credit: Google.)

As observed by iMore, Google’s new package tracking feature is a bit different from the one Apple introduced within iOS 16. Unlike Google’s new feature, Apple is only able to track packages that are ordered through supported businesses. Users also need to pay for their order with Apple Pay to enable package tracking through the Wallet app.

According to Google, package tracking for Gmail will arrive in time for the holidays. For those that like to do their shopping online, this can potentially be an incredibly useful feature.

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