Like Facebook, Google Also Has a Data Collecting App

Hot news making the rounds today said Facebook paid teens to download a re-skinned Onavo app that collects all their data. It turns out Google has a similar kind of data collecting app called Screenwise Meter (via TechCrunch).

[Apple Banned Facebook App That Spied on Kids as Young as 13]

Screenwise Meter

Facebook’s app was part of the company’s Enterprise Developer Program and violated Apple’s policies. Apple then banned the app and revoked Facebook’s certificate.

screenwise meter

Screenwise Meter also uses an enterprise certificate. Google invites users 18 and up, or 13 in a family group, to download the app with a special code. It was launched in 2012 and lets users earn gift cards in exchange for letting Google monitor and analyze their traffic and data.

Eventually Google rebranded the app as part of the Cross Media Panel and Google Opinion Rewards programs. Although Google is more transparent than Facebook about what how the programs work, it’s still in violation of the App Store.

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