How Apple Caused Chaos At Facebook HQ

Facebook HQ

The full extent of the animosity between Apple and Facebook is revealed in a new book. Facebook: The Inside Story also outlines how Apple plunged the social media giant’ into chaos when it pulled enterprise certificate, taking its internal apps offline for a period.

Facebook HQ

Facebook Internal Apps Stop Working

According to the book by Steven Levy, seen by Cult of Mac, chaos reigned after Apple made its decision, which coincided with a Facebook earnings call:

As [Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg] spoke, people on Facebook’s campus could not test new products and were canceling meetings because they could not get the shuttle.

The book details that while Mr. Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs had a good working relationship, that declined when Tim Cook became Apple CEO. This was in no small part down to his increased focus on user privacy. Apparently Mr. Zuckerberg “felt sideswiped” but Apple’s reaction to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and resented Mr. Cook’s criticism of his firm’s business model.

Mr. Zuckerberg is quote as saying:

It’s widely understood that a lot of information businesses or media businesses are supported by ads, to make sure sure that the content can reach as many people as possible to deliver the most value. And there is a certain bargain there, which is, you’re going to be able to use this service for free and there will be a cost, which you’ll pay with your attention.

At leat that is honest, I suppose.

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