iFixit Updates Magic Keyboard Teardown to Examine Trackpad

Magic keyboard trackpad X-ray

Last week iFixit posted an X-ray examination of the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard. Today the company revealed the inner workings of the trackpad.

Magic Keyboard Trackpad

Different than MacBook trackpads (which favor Haptic Touch over actual buttons) the iPad version does have a button, along with a lever system. Just one, and although situated in the center of the trackpad, it offers an even click no matter where you press.

When you apply pressure near the center, whether top, middle, or bottom-center, you are directly pressing the button. Press near the top, bottom, or one of the corners, however, and the lever system comes into play, forcing the contact plate in the center upward to make a click happen.

Magic keyboard trackpad

iFixit notes how easily they disassembled the trackpad, saying it was the only part of the Magic Keyboard that came apart without major destruction to the product. That’s all they revealed for now until the repair guides have been published.

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