Apple Unveils New Emoji Coming to iOS 11.1

New Unicode 10 emoji in iOS 11.1

Apple is giving us an early look at some of the new emoji coming to iOS 11.1 beta next week. Get ready to express yourself with a Brachiosaurus, Chinese takeout, foul mouth smilies, and more.

New Unicode 10 emoji in iOS 11.1
iOS 11.1 getting dino, take away, and foul mouthed emoji

Apple showed off more than 30 of the new emoji it’s adding from Unicode 10 on Friday. You’ll need iOS 11.1 beta to try them out and there isn’t any word yet on when the public release for the update is coming.

iOS 11.1 emoji

There’s also a mermaid, fall-themed items, a fairy, the ASL sign for “I love you,” pie, a hedgehog, genderless people, and more.

I Love You gesture from American Sign Language
The American Sign Language “I love you” gesture

And now you know every time Spider-Man shoots a web he’s saying “I love you.”

2 thoughts on “Apple Unveils New Emoji Coming to iOS 11.1

  • I hope all this leads someone to an art or animation career, otherwise…… On a different topic: It’s coming to the end of 2017. Are there any rumors related to Mac desktops? Anything? The Cinema display? Maybe Apple will throw us a bone to show they really are working on Macs. A child’s crayon or chalk rendering of the proposed desktops. A wet cocktail napkin with a blurry sketch. I walked around the local Apple Store looking for something to buy – nothing. They didn’t even have a Mac Mini on display. Oh well – I’m starting to feel like the doll on the Island of Misfit Toys – “I haven’t any dreams left to dream.” : )

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