Apple Quietly Changed the Icon for the iOS Pages App

The new iWork update gave us features like Apple Pencil support, Smart Annotation, book creation, and new collaboration. The iWork suite includes Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, and they have been updated on macOS and iOS. Speaking of iOS, the iOS Pages app has a slight change that came with the update.

Goodbye Pen, Hello Pencil

On the old icon, there was a pen drawing on a sheet of paper. But the new icon replaces the pen with an Apple Pencil. I think it’s an interesting move and obviously makes sense given the new support for Apple Pencil in iWork.

iOS Pages app icon: Old versus New.
iOS Pages app icon: Old versus New

The Pages icon on the Mac remains the same though, although maybe it will get updated in the next version of macOS.

One thought on “Apple Quietly Changed the Icon for the iOS Pages App

  • Because I have Pages sitting in a folder in iOS, I never look at the icon, and would not have noticed the change. I also was not aware that my iWork suite had updated (tried to do it the day it was announced but saw no update available).

    Now that I’ve seen the new icon, I know that it has auto-updated.


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