iPad Pro and Mini Set For Major Updates

2021 iPad Pro

Apple is working on both a new iPad Pro (current model pictured above) with wireless charging and a redesigned Pad mini. The former is set for release in 2022, with the latter coming sometime this year, Bloomberg News reported. It seems unlikely we will hear anything about these devices at WWDC next week.

Changes Coming to iPad Pro

Apple is said to be testing a glass back on the iPad Pro, replacing the aluminum one it currently has. This is part of the effort to allow the tablet to be able to charge wirelessly. Furthermore, the company is testing reverse charging. This would allow users to charge their iPhone and other devices by putting it on the back of the iPad Pro. Of course, any or all of this could change or be canceled by the time we see the finished product.

Mini Finally Getting an Update

The iPad mini is expected to get an update for the first time in six years too. The screen borders will be narrower, and Apple is also testing removing the home button. A thinner entry-level iPad aimed at students could be released around the same time as the updated mini too.

Apple is also reportedly still working on a version of the AirPower charging mat and long-distance wireless charging methods. That’s likely to be some year away though.

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