iPhone 15 5G Performance Is Slower Than Samsung Galaxy 24 Across the Globe

iPhone 15 5G Performance. Samsung Galaxy 24 5G

Ookla released its most recent research on 5G smartphone performance, which includes a competition between the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series and the iPhone 15 family. 

In most of the tested countries, Samsung’s new smartphones had faster median 5G performance than the iPhone 15 series.

Ookla shared these test results in a blog post with information gathered in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, and North America between February 1 and March 24. It especially contrasted the iPhone 15 with the Galaxy S24 series and previous models.

According to Ookla, “the Samsung Galaxy S24 family showed a statistically significant lead for median 5G download speeds in seven out of 15 countries in this study.” And “that speed differences between Galaxy S24 devices and iPhone 15’s were relatively minor in some of the countries analyzed.” 

The iPhone 15 family did lead the way in one country for a median 5G speed. Overall, nevertheless, the S24 family beat the iPhone 15 lineup.

In the US, the S24 lineup outperformed the iPhone 15 lineup in median speed, with a 34 Mbps advantage. While the iPhone 15 family ranked fourth in Hong Kong, the S24 smartphones had a median speed that was more than 20 Mbps faster. 

In India, the Galaxy S24 models posted the top median 5G download speed at 302.43 Mbps. The iPhone 15 family, on the other hand, clocked in with a median 5G download speed of 285.78 Mbps. Meanwhile, just 9 Mbps separated the S24 series from the iPhone 15 smartphones in the UAE. 

However, in Indonesia, the iPhone 15 lineup emerged as the leader with a median 5G download speed of 80.49 Mbps, as the Samsung Galaxy families trailed with speeds ranging from 55.61 Mbps for the S24 lineup to 69.24 Mbps for the S23 models.


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