iPhone and Apple Watch Are Hot Favorites Among Teens, but VR Headsets Are Slowly Gaining Popularity

iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple Vision Pro

A Piper Sandler’s biannual teen study indicates that teenagers are still strongly in favor of the iPhone over Android. 85% of teenagers surveyed own an iPhone, and 86% say they’ll get one as their next smartphone.

Even while the iPhone is still the most popular smartphone among teenagers, the percentage of teens who own one decreased from 87% in October 2023, and 88% planned to buy one. 

Regarding the Apple Watch, 34% of teenagers said they are using one, the same as the previous fall. Still, there was a three percent increase in teens’ intent to purchase an Apple Watch, with 13% saying they would do so within the next six months. 

Teens also strongly favor the Apple Watch over other smartwatch brands, with only 39.4% of them reporting owning one. The most popular watch brand was Apple Watch, followed by Casio and Rolex.

Besides this, a little over thirty percent of teenagers reported using Apple Music. Less than 5% of teenagers reported regularly watching Apple TV+, indicating that the service is not well-liked by teen viewers.

According to the report, the weekly use of virtual reality gadgets climbed from 10% to 13% compared to the fall of 2023. Even though this number is relatively low, it indicates that interest in these technologies is growing.

Moreover, the survey also reveals that 33% of US youths currently own a VR headset, up from 31% the previous year. The introduction of the Apple Vision Pro, which hit shop shelves in February, could be the reason behind the rise in interest in VR gadgets. 

The excitement around Apple Vision Pro ultimately helps its rivals who sell cheaper VR headsets. Analysts estimate that by the end of the year, Apple plans to ship up to 250,000 Apple Vision Pro units in the US.


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