iPhone Users Have Most Brand Loyalty

woman with iPhone in pocket

iPhone users had significantly more brand loyalty than Android customers, a new survey revealed.  It found that less than 10 percent of iPhone customers intended to switch brand when they upgraded.

woman with iPhone in pocket

Over 90 Percent of iPhone Users Want to Stay

SellCell surveyed 2066 U.S. smartphone customers aged 18-60 in August 2019 . It found that 90.5 percent of iPhone users intended to buy another one when they upgraded. 79 percent of them were happy with their brand of phone. They saw no reason to switch or preferred to say with what they knew. Less than a quarter, 21 percent, of Apple smartphone users said they could be tempted to switch to Android if they were not so tied into the company’s ecosystem.

Some Android users did have brand loyalty. Google phone and Samsung users had almost as much brand loyalty as iPhone users. However, Motorola and LG users were the least loyal. Around 40 percent of existing users said they would be looking to move when they upgraded.

Less Than 10 Percent Want to Switch

In total, just 9.5 percent of iPhone users said they intended to switch. 49 percent of them said this is because other brands offered better technology such as a batter screen, camera or battery. 17 percent said they felt other brands offered better value for money, while 14 percent just fancied a change.

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