Latest Eve Light Switch Brings Thread and Matter Support and More

Eve Light Switch Matter

Long-time HomeKit accessory maker Eve is set to release the third generation of its light switch. The newest Eve Light Switch includes both Thread and Matter support along with compatibility with additional types of light switches.

Eve Light Switch Adds Support for 3-Way Switches

One problem with many smart light switches is they lack support for 3-pole switches. These are more complicated than single-pole light switches. Three-pole setups allow you to flip the lights on or off from two different locations. This can be very convenient for hallway or stairway lighting, as two examples.

With the latest generation of this smart home accessory, you can now add these 3-pole configurations to your smart home. Just replace one of the switches in the combination, and you’ve got a 3-pole lighting setup you can control from the Home app or using Siri.

Adding to Eve’s Already Comprehensive Lineup of Matter-Ready Devices

With the release of the third-generation Eve Light Switch, the company adds the 15th product to its expanding variety of Matter-ready devices. This means the switch can be used not only in HomeKit setups, but with any smart home configuration incorporating Matter support.

The new Eve Light Switch is Thread-enabled and can act as a router within the mesh network. This allows you to enhance the stability and reach of your smart home without the need for additional home hubs like a HomePod, HomePod mini or Apple TV.

100% Privacy Assured in a HomeKit Setup

Like all of Eve’s smart home products, the Eve Light Switch operates without the need for a cloud service, registration or tracking. It installs quickly and easily into your existing or new Apple HomeKit setup.

Using the Eve app, you can store schedules directly on the accessory. This lets you put the lighting on autopilot, turning them on or off independently of your iPhone or home network.

If you have an Apple TV, HomePod or HomePod mini acting as a home hub, you can go even further with automation. The smart home accessory supports scenes and automations that control one or more HomeKit-enabled devices. You can trigger these either at home or remotely.

Latest Eve Light Switch Ready to Ship

The third-generation Eve Light Switch is available for $49.95 now from Amazon, with free Prime delivery. You can also purchase the accessory directly from Eve.

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