How to Use Mario for Driving Directions in Google Maps

Google Maps on iPhone with Mario as the navigation pointer

Google Maps is celebrating MAR10 Day all week by letting Mario serve as your guide. You’ll need the Google Maps app on your iPhone or Android phone, and a place to go. Read on to learn how to follow Mario to your destination.

Here’s how to use Mario as the navigation pointer in Google Maps:

  • Launch the Google Maps app
  • Set a start and destination point.
  • Tap the 8-bit question mark button. It’s just to the right of the Start button at the bottom of your screen.
Google Maps on iPhone with Mario as the navigation pointer
The question mark button gets lets you set Mario as your navigation pointer in Google Maps
  • Tap LET’S-A-GO
  • Follow Mario in his cart to your destination.

And now for the caveats: First, Google says they’re shutting the feature off in about a week, so use it while you can. Second, Mario is available as the navigation pointer only for driving directions. I wish since Mario is in his cart for driving directions he was also strutting along on foot for walking directions.

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