PSA: Be Sure to Write Down Your AirPods Serial Number

When you first get your AirPods, or even later when you have a chance, write down your AirPods serial number. Redditor u/bbllaakkee says that if you lose your AirPods case and you don’t have the serial number, Apple can’t replace it.

When your AirPods are connected to your iPhone or iPad, you can find the serial number in Settings > General > About > AirPods. Either write in down and store it in a safe place, or just take a screenshot.

Image of AirPods. Be sure to write down your AirPods serial number.

Apple doesn’t say why it won’t replace the case without the number. But it might be to prevent people who steal AirPods from getting a new case. If you do lose the case you can get the serial number by charging them in another case though.

Just be sure not to press the button on the case, otherwise you’ll lose the serial number. So if you borrow one from a friend, write it down and take it to an Apple Store.

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  • This just happened to me, but the Lexington, KY store helped. Since I purchased online directly from Apple, I was able to provide a store manager the order number. He went into the back and pulled up a more detailed order that had my serial number. He took a photo with his phone and came out and read it to the girl to enter in the transaction. Yes, it’s true the tech needs the serial number to buy the replacement case. But in my case, the manager went and retrieved the number so their software could do the swap/link.

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